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Combo Range
680 Murcia Cabinet + Murcia Basin   680 Pamplona Floor Stand + Pamplona Basin   Alegre Floor Unit + TR4196 Porto Alegre Basin   Carmen Unit + TR40032-65 Carmen Basin  
Crete 575 Floor Unit + Crete Basin   Cube + TR4128 Santos + Zeus Combo   Cube Wall Hung Cab + TR4128 Santos Basin   Darlington 1190 Floor Unit + 1210 Glass Basin  
Darlington 990 Floor Unit + 1010 Glass Basin   King 1200 (2 Doors + 2 Draws) + 1230 Rustenburg   La Paz 620 Wall Hung Unit Espresso + TR4530 La Paz Vanity Basin   La Paz 620 Wall Hung Unit HGW + TR4530 La Paz Vanity Basin  
Morosa 420 Wall Hung Cab + TR4521 Morosa Basin   Piro Floor Cabinet + Piro Basin   Piro Floor Cabinet + Piro Basin   Queen 600 (1 Door + Shelf) + La Paz 645 Vanity Basin  
Vega Floor Unit + ML850 Vega Basin   Vega Floor Unit + ML850 Vega Basin   Vera Cruz 705 Wall Hung Unit + TR4560-720 Vera Cruz Basin   Vera Cruz 705 Wall Hung Unit + TR4560-720 Vera Cruz Basin  

Floating Basin Support Range
Mali 800 Floating Vanity   Urban 1200 Block   Urban 750 Block      

Floor Vanity Range
Antique French Floor Unit + Top   Vintage American Sleeper Floor Unit          

Floor Vanity/Butcher Block Range
Duke Butcher Block              

Floor Vanity/Havana Range
Havana Double Vanity   Havana Single Vanity          

Floor Vanity/Naturo Range
Naturo Rust Vanity + Honed Rustenburg Granite Slab   Naturo Zim Vanity + Honed Zimbabwe Black Granite Slab          

Floor Vanity/Peru Range
Peru 1200 Double Door Floor Unit   Peru 750 Double Door Floor Unit          

Floor Vanity/Rectangle Range
Cross Legged Vanity 1200   Ponza Floor Vanity 1200          

Floor Vanity/Tall Boy Range
Tall Boy Tower Left Hand   Tall Boy Tower Right Hand          

Mirror Vanity Range
Darlington 1190 Wall Mirror Unit   Duchess Sliding Mirror   Montigo Mirror Wall Unit   Royal 12 Medicine Chest  
Trend 485*900 Mirror Unit   Urban 580 Wall Mirror Unit          

Mirror Vanity/Contract Range
Contract 300 Standard Wall Unit   Contract 600 Standard Wall Unit          

Mirror Vanity/Eclipse Range
Eclipse 400 Wall Unit   Eclipse 740 Wall Unit          

Mirror Vanity/Impact Range
Impact 1000 - H/Gloss White   Impact 720 - H/Gloss White          

Vanity Top/1230 Rustenburg Range
1230*530*30mm Rustenburg Flamed + Brushed With Cut Out              

Wall Mount Vanity Range
Bolivia 700 Single Door Wall Mounted Unit   Darlington Wall Hung Unit + Darlington Black Glass Basin   Darlington Wall Hung Unit + Darlington Silver Glass Basin   Darlington Wall Hung Unit + Darlington White Glass Basin  
Panama Double Floater Vanity   Panama Single Floater Vanity   Reno Floating Vanity 1500   Reno Floating Vanity 900  
Roma 1200 Floater Unit              

Wall Mount Vanity/Wall Unit Range
Capri Wall Unit - Espresso   Capri Wall Unit - H/Gloss White          

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