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Bath Spout Range
13 303 Eurocube Bath Spout   13252 Baulines Bath Spout   13255 Bath Spout   13258 Bauclassic Bath Spout  
2203 Bath Spout   2222 Bath Spout   30020002201 Bath Spout   30020013301 Deluxe Bath Spout  
705B349C-3 Thames Bath Spout   738 A156C Portofino Wall Mounted Square Spout   782367C-3 Square Bath Spout   9372 Luxury Bath Spout  
AC1203 Bath Spout              

Bath Spout/Diverter Range
13 304 Eurocube Bath Spout Diverter   13254 Baulines Bath Spout Diverter   13257/13262 Bath Spout Diverter   13259 Bauclassic Bath Spout Diverter  
2204 Diverter Bath Spout              

Bath Spout/Nicci Range
1811 Nicci Spout   A-100 Square Nicci Spout   Luxury Round Nicci Spout A101/A200      

Electric Shower Range
Creda FP850 Florida Plus Electric Shower              

Extraction Fans Range
CEH250 Ceiling Fan   Look 120 Standard Fan          

Foot Rest Range
Shower Foot Rest              

Grohe - Euphoria Range
27236 Euphoria Champagne Head Shower   27705-000 Euphoria Cube Head Shower 150   27709-000 Rainshower Shower Arm 282mm Square      

Hand Dryer Range
HD140 Hand Dryer              

Hand Shower Range
1-Jet Hand Shower 50030107001   27742-000 Power & Soul 130 Hand Shower Set   5300701 Hand Shower For 233070C Shampoo Mix   5302001 Tubular Hand Shower  
5353401 Portofino Square Hand Shower   5379700 Trigger Hand Shower Set   5384801 Square Hand Shower   5393201 Adjustable Hand Shower  
6000 Antica Wood Sleeve Hand Shower   8060 Jolly Hand Shower   9918 Zephyr Hand Shower   Cae 50030108701 Premier Hand Shower  
SH1600 Roma Hand shower              

Hansgrohe - Croma Range
26464-000 Croma 220 Overhead Shower Rose   27441-000 Croma 100 Vario Overhead Shower Rose   27443-000 Croma E 100 Multi Shower   27574-000 Croma 100 1-Jet Porter Set 1250mm  
27592000 Croma 100 Hand Shower Set   27593-000 Croma 100 Multi Porter Set   27717-000 Croma 100 1-Jet Unica C Set 650mm   27772000 Croma 100 Hand Shower Rail Set  
28492-003 Croma 1 Jet Eco Overhead Shower Rose              

Hansgrohe - Crometta Range
27558000 Crometta 85 Hand Shower Set   27576-000 Crometta 85 1-Jet Porter C Set 1250mm   27728-000 Crometta 85 1-Jet Unica C 650mm   27763000 Crometta 85 Hand Shower Rail Set  
28423-000 Crometta 85 Eco Overhead Shower Rose              

Heater + Extractor Range
JX30 Ceiling Light Heater + Extractor   JX31 Ceiling Light Heater + Extractor          

Paraplegic Range
FD8823 Grab Bar   FD8861 Grab Bar   FD8885 Shower Seat      

Shower Arm Range
2217 Shower Arm   2221 Shower Arm   27411-000 Shower Arm   27412 Shower Arm 230mm  
50030094101 Standard Shower Arm   5450401 Square Shower Arm   9300 Shower Arm   9302 Luxury Shower Arm  
Cae 50040088501 Prestige Shower Arm And Shower Rose   Cae 50040088601 Cone Shower Arm   Cae 5407801 Shower Arm   Cae 5412200 Shower Arm  
Cae 5421201 Cast Luxury Shower Arm   F1 Ceiling Mounted Shower Arm   SH1300 Shower Arm & Flange   SH1302 Tondo Shower Arm  

Shower Consul Range
372532C Floor Standing Shower Combination Including Shower Rose   383 B187C Surface Mounted Rain Shower Combination   782356C Shower Mixer   ML7043 Shower Consul  
ML7078 Shower Consul   Veritas 6409 Chrome Shower Column Set Exposed   Vienna 6009 Chrome Shower Column Set Exposed      

Shower Head Range
1280 Shower Rose-Aquaspray   152548C Body Jet Shower Rose   27134 Shower Rose   27290/26089 Tempesta Rustiv IV + Arm  
27391/26090 Tempesta Cosmopolitan III + Arm   2752/CH   27621-000 Raindance 150 Shower Head   27765-000 Power & Soul Cosmo 190 Head Shower  
2780/CH   50030084601 Overhead Rain Shower   50030085101/5385101 3 Jet Shower Rose   50030091501 Overhead Rain Shower  
50030097801 Overhead Rain Shower   50030107801 Over Head Rain Shower Rose   5344301 Cylindrical Shower Rose   5398801 Shower Rose  
9244 Aquashell Shower Rose   9913 Dahlia Shower Rose   9924 Shower Head   9988/CH  
B01 Shower Rose   B02 Shower Rose   B08 Square Shower Rose   B19 Sunflower Shower Rose  
B71-C (SQ) 200*200*3mm #304 SS Chromed Shower Rose   B72-C (RND) 200*3mm #304 SS Chromed Shower Rose   B77-C (SQ) 300*300*3mm #304 SS Chromed Shower Rose   B78-C (RND) 300*3mm #304 SS Chromed Shower Rose  
Cae 50030107401 8,5" Round Overhead Rain Shower   Cae 50030107501 6" Round Overhead Rain Shower   Cae 50030107701 8" Round Overhead Rain Shower   Cae 50030112901 10" Round Overhead Rain Shower  
Cae 5301001 Shower Rose   ML7049 Shower Rose With Waterfall          

Shower Head + Arm Combo Range
27385-000 Raindance Select E300 2-Jet Overhead              

Shower Heads Range
B51 Square Ceiling Mounted Shower Rose              

Shower Hose Range
5426501 Male to Female Hose For 03 2503C Pull Out Set   Flexible Shower Hose Sielo   TVS1154 Smooth Flexi Hose      

Shower Rail Range
26620-000 Raindance Select E120 Unica S Puro 65   Cae H8 7607C Deluxe Square Sliding Shower Rail Only   Cae H8 7609C Deluxe Sliding Shower Rail Only   H8 7801C Shower Sliding Rail  

Shower Seat Range
AA0001 Steam Shower Seat (EO26)              

Trigger Spray Range
A275 TRIGGER SPRAY SET ROUND              

Wall Outlets And Bracket Range
27056-000 Rainshower Wall Hand Shower Holder   27414-000 Fixfit W/Ball Joint Non Return Valve   27454-000 Wall Outlet   27506-000 Fixfit S W/Ball Joint Non Return Valve  
500300022401 Plastic Wall Bracket   5307301 Adjustable Wall Bracket   5361001 Wall Bracket With Hose Outlet   5361601 Plastic Wall Bracket  
912990C Wall Outlet   961B996C Deluxe Wall Outlet   Cae 91 2921C Square Wall Outlet   SH1100 Universal Wall Bracket  
SH1380 Plated Wall Outlet   SH1395 Wall Bracket Brass - Swivel          

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